CO₂ Offset

CO₂ Offset

Offset your emissions


The CO₂ Offset Program

CO₂ Offset supports your company in offsetting emissions, facilitating the process of selection and retirement of carbon credits from the voluntary carbon market in a clear, transparent and traceable way. Each transaction and retirement is unique and recorded in a specific offset registry.

Why offset emissions?

For many sectors it is difficult to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, due to technological limitations or unsustainable costs. Using carbon credits to offset emissions therefore represents a feasible solution to further mitigate climate effects globally.

What does it mean to offset

A carbon credit identifies a reduction of emissions or a removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere equal to one tonne of CO₂ equivalent. Such reduction or removal is certified by institutional entities or certification bodies. The carbon credits can be transferred to other parties or retired from the carbon market to offset emissions.

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Our offer

CO₂ Offset deals with the selection and procurement of certified carbon credits, interfacing with suppliers and international registries. We offer an accessible solution to integrate emissions offset into your strategy for achieving climate goals.

Communicate the Carbon Footprint of your company to CO₂ Offset, or ask for our help with the calculation

We support you in the selection of the type of credits sourced from certified projects and programs

We procure the selected carbon credits from the market and retire them on behalf of your company

We provide a compensation certificate issued by qualified entities specialized in sustainable development